10 Loyalty Lessons From Brands With Superfans

Geoff Smith, SVP of Marketing at CrowdTwist, recently posted an article on Inc.com about brands with “super fans”.superfan

Customer loyalty is at the root of success for any lasting business. And when that loyalty turns into passionate advocacy, a “superfan” is born. For brands, these dedicated followers can help transform a satisfactory business into a sensational one. The obvious question for brands is: How do you create superfans?

You can read the full article here but the 10 takeaways are as follows:

  1. Strive to offer exceptional customer experiences that far outpace the competition. By winning consumers over with your great products, service, and history, you can drive loyalty and win customers for the long term to advocate for your brand.
  2. Nurture your relationship with superfans by bringing them together in a setting that fits and supports the reputation of your brand.
  3. Remind consumers of the value you offer, whether through low prices or outstanding products, to entice people to keep returning to your brand and singing your praises.
  4. Create compelling stories tied to your brand to keep superfans hooked and craving more.
  5. Find ambassadors who embody your brand and who inspire and resonate with your customers. Don’t be afraid to switch them up to keep your brand fresh and trendy.
  6. Inspire consumers to live a better life. This motivation will help dedicated followers develop a greater appreciation for your brand.
  7. Build your business up over time and allow your loyalists to be part of a shared experience that spreads across generations and inspires them to show their brand passion.
  8. Create something wildly imaginative and popular that consumers want to be part of to transform your ordinary fans into superfans.
  9. Bring your fans together and make them feel part of a powerful and unique experience.
  10. Offer your most loyal customers ways to engage to discover new ideas that can improve the business and help you collect more passionate superfans along the way.

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