Hearts, then Charts

heartbeatA few months ago US based consultancy, Be Almighty, released a whitepaper entitled Hearts, then Charts. Its focus is on executing Customer Centricity.

The ‘age of the customer’ was to usher in a new era of organizational focus on the customer experience. Yet neither that focus nor the resulting prosperity has come to bear.

Bain’s legendary 2005 study, Closing the Delivery Gap2, famously found that 80% of firms believe they delivered a ‘super experience’ to their customers, while the same was reported by only 8% of their customers

Ten years later, we managed a custom survey of more than 500 stakeholders at large enterprise organizations. We audited customer experience practices at 30 more. The resulting data suggests that the narrative of customer-centricity doesn’t match the practice.

Notable findings of Be Almighty’s research included:

  • Fewer than 10% of the companies we audited use a consistent definition of their customers across the organization.
  • Fewer than 5% regularly use a map of their customer’s experience to drive organizational decisions and investment.
  • Our assumptions around what our customers need from us frequently begin with what we already have to offer them.
  • Almost half of C-Suite respondents to our survey said that their company uses no consistent measure of the customer experience.
  • Fewer than 3% of the businesses we audited had employees who could consistently cite the person responsible for their organization’s customer experience.

The whitepaper goes on to focus on five themes:

  1. Seeing our customers not as we are, but as they are
  2. Plotting a comprehensive view of customer experiences that are, increasingly, outside of our control
  3. Developing a multi-dimensional view of customer needs.
  4. Defining meaningful measures for the quality of our interactions
  5. Creating executive accountability for the decisions that shape our customer experiences

You can download the whitepaper here.

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