Innovating for Outcomes

A perspective from Greg Yankelovich articulating the often missing ingredients in innovation. Extracts from Greg’s post include… The phrase “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door” is often used as a… Read More

Process Improvement That Costs You

James Lawther has highlighted a few excerpts from an eight year old memo from Howard Schultz, the chief executive of Starbucks at the time. James does a great job of highlighting how a company can go off track by… Read More

Are AU/NZ companies paying lip service to customer experience?

Research Group Forrester recently released a report, The State Of Customer Experience Maturity In Australia, 2015, in which they surveyed 52 Australian and New Zealand businesses. Of those surveyed, from a strategy perspective: 98% of respondents say Customer Experience… Read More

Customers Like Self Service, Unless…

Michael Schrage, in a recent HBR article, Customers Like Self Service, Unless It Undermines Customer Support, covers a very pertinent topic as more and more customer engagements are conducted via Digital channels… “Survey after customer research survey suggests… Read More

Corporate Culture Rethink Required?

In a recent CMO article, Customer Experience Economy Requires Corporate Culture Rethink, former NAB CMO, Sandra de Castro explains that organisations need to break down the long standing silos. “There is an opportunity to create a revolution in… Read More

10 Loyalty Lessons From Brands With Superfans

Geoff Smith, SVP of Marketing at CrowdTwist, recently posted an article on about brands with “super fans”. Customer loyalty is at the root of success for any lasting business. And when that loyalty turns into passionate advocacy,… Read More

What time is the 3 O’clock Parade?

Following is a Blog post from the Disney Institute… “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?” On any given day in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort, you might hear Guests asking our Cast Members this… Read More

Customer Centric IT

In a recent feature article, Julia King, took a look at a number of companies and how CIOs are refocusing their staffs on Customer Centric IT. “Increasingly, a customer-centric approach is a matter of competitive advantage, even… Read More

Pathways to Customer Centricity

In a recent article, How IBM, Intuit, and Rich Products Became More Customer Centric, published by Harvard Business Review, Brad Power and Steve Stanton share their research into different pathways companies are taking to become more customer centric…. Read More

How did we get here?

With all this talk about becoming Customer Centric or an Outside In organisation, how did we lose focus of our customers anyway and what is it we have been focusing on instead? Many point to Adam Smith’s seminal… Read More

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