The Wood for the Trees?

With all the material that is generated in respect to being Customer Centric, or Outside In, or Customer Experience Management, etc, it is easy to forget what matters most. Christopher Frawley reminds us in no uncertain terms, that… Read More

Hearts, then Charts

A few months ago US based consultancy, Be Almighty, released a whitepaper entitled Hearts, then Charts. Its focus is on executing Customer Centricity. The ‘age of the customer’ was to usher in a new era of organizational focus… Read More

A Remarkable Experience

Customer Experience blogger, Annette Franz, recently commented on the common mistake of the ‘herd’ following the leaders of customer experience instead of forging their own paths. Franz sites the following research… A few years ago, researchers at Leeds… Read More

Customer Journey’s As Products

A recent Harvard Business Review article, Competing on Customer Journeys, has highlighted the shift to treating Customer Journey’s as products that are sold. The following example is an excerpt from the article… Consider how one company, Oakland-based Sungevity,… Read More

Hearts Then Charts

Ian Golding recently highlighted a great white paper by Almighty, a digital advertising agency. You can download the whitepaper here. The findings include only 2 of the 30 use consistent descriptions of their customers across product, marketing, and sales… Read More

Design Thinking should be a Core Competency

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Jon Kolko, argues that, as IBM and GE have found out, that Design thinking is an essential tool for simplifying and humanizing. It can’t be extra; it needs to be a core… Read More

Employee Engagement and Customer Experience

In a great post by Colin Shaw, Colin explains how many organisations are failing to link Customer Experience and Employee engagement programs together. Foresee, a Customer Experience analytics firm, examined the results of two studies that used their… Read More

Customer Loyalty Means What?

Annette Franz recently authored a post asking if readers new what Customer Loyalty is. You can read the full post here.  Annette ended the post by asking the question again but this time a little more closed, as to… Read More

Innovating for Outcomes

A perspective from Greg Yankelovich articulating the often missing ingredients in innovation. Extracts from Greg’s post include… The phrase “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door” is often used as a… Read More

Process Improvement That Costs You

James Lawther has highlighted a few excerpts from an eight year old memo from Howard Schultz, the chief executive of Starbucks at the time. James does a great job of highlighting how a company can go off track by… Read More

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