How did we get here?

With all this talk about becoming Customer Centric or an Outside In organisation, how did we lose focus of our customers anyway and what is it we have been focusing on instead? Many point to Adam Smith’s seminal… Read More

Bringing a ‘Customer-Centric’ Focus to Life at Your Company

Alex Raymond recently wrote this great piece on becoming Customer Centric within your company. Alex writes…(bolding mine) What I call “customer centricity” begins with creating a business culture where the customer is at the center of everything you… Read More

Talk Is Cheap

Ian Golding touches on an all-too-familiar occurrence we all see in organisations we work in from time to time. “Over the last twenty years, I have worked in a variety of organisations across multiple industries who have all… Read More

Why have Customer Service?

Seth Godin recently authored an insightful post on his Blog… “Customer service is difficult, expensive and unpredictable. But it’s a mistake to assume that any particular example is automatically either good or bad. A company might spend almost… Read More

Treat Customer Advocacy As A Management System

“Top-performing companies today are the ones that have moved from perceiving customer experience as a metric, to treating it as a management system, according to one of Bain and Company’s Asia-Pacific customer practice leaders.” “Speaking at the Customer… Read More

What’s The Top Imperative At Your Company?

“If it’s not a transformation to make the company more customer-focused, you’re making a mistake. Technology and economic forces have changed the world so much that an obsession with winning, serving and retaining customers is the only possible… Read More

Are You Serious About Your Customer’s Experience?

Michael Falcon makes a good point when comparing the methodical approach (and budget) companies often take to marketing but then have no structured  approach to designing or delivering their customer’s experience. (bolding mine) “We don’t take the same methodical… Read More

Baggage Collection…A Moment of Truth

An often annoying, sometimes painful,  ‘Moment of Truth’ for airline customers (with checked baggage) along their customer journey, is collecting their bags on arrival. WestJet accented this Moment of Truth brilliantly to deliver a ‘Moment of Magic’ with their… Read More

The Age of The Customer?

Have we entered “The Age of the Customer”?

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