A Customer Centric Vision

A recent blog post from Annette Franz reminds us of the importance of a company vision statement that captures the essence of what the company aims to do for customers. As Franz explains, A well-defined and clearly-communicated vision… Read More

Can you still win when you out-source your front line?

I have to admit, up to this point, my customer centric mindset has led me to believe that if there is one area of your business that you should not outsource, its your front line. These teams are… Read More

Product Thinking in a Service Dominant World

I’d like to highlight a recent post by Kimberley Crofts of Meld Studios which captures one of the core problems with legacy corporates and their adoption of a Customer Centric mindset. It’s “the problem with product-led thinking in… Read More

Alternative Measures To Improving Customer Service

A recent Harvard Business Review article, Revolutionising Customer Service, has articulated four recommendations aimed at doing things differently, or in other words, doing the opposite to “conventional wisdom”. The summary is as follows: Don’t start with customer facing… Read More

Three P’s of a Customer’s Experience

The folks at Disney Institute remind us that exceptional customer service or more accurately the customer experience, is more than just great customer service delivered by people. In fact, exceptional service derives from the intersection of process, place… Read More

The Wood for the Trees?

With all the material that is generated in respect to being Customer Centric, or Outside In, or Customer Experience Management, etc, it is easy to forget what matters most. Christopher Frawley reminds us in no uncertain terms, that… Read More

A Remarkable Experience

Customer Experience blogger, Annette Franz, recently commented on the common mistake of the ‘herd’ following the leaders of customer experience instead of forging their own paths. Franz sites the following research… A few years ago, researchers at Leeds… Read More

Empowering Employees to Recover Service Quickly

“I’ll needd to speak with my manager.” This probably sounds familiar to most of us, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with involving ones manager in helping to make decisions. However, when a service failure occurs, it is essential to… Read More

Customers Like Self Service, Unless…

Michael Schrage, in a recent HBR article, Customers Like Self Service, Unless It Undermines Customer Support, covers a very pertinent topic as more and more customer engagements are conducted via Digital channels… “Survey after customer research survey suggests… Read More

10 Loyalty Lessons From Brands With Superfans

Geoff Smith, SVP of Marketing at CrowdTwist, recently posted an article on Inc.com about brands with “super fans”. Customer loyalty is at the root of success for any lasting business. And when that loyalty turns into passionate advocacy,… Read More

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