Innovation at Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a recognised leader in Customer Service and the Nordstrom Innovation Lab is an example of why. Check it out here… and for a more detailed look…  

Big Data does not have all the answers

An insightful article by Martin Lindstrom, on why everything we learn about customers from analysing (Big) data is, well, not everything. Martin uses the example of LEGO, and the numerous ‘big data’ studies LEGO commissioned that saw the… Read More

Practical Tips for Digital Innovation

Nadia Cameron of CMO, covered a speech by Cameron Gough, Australia Post’s general manager, Digital Delivery Centre, speaking at the Melbourne leg of the CMO, CIO and ADMA Executive Connections event last week. Gough gave some great practical insights into how… Read More

Design Thinking should be a Core Competency

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Jon Kolko, argues that, as IBM and GE have found out, that Design thinking is an essential tool for simplifying and humanizing. It can’t be extra; it needs to be a core… Read More

Innovating for Outcomes

A perspective from Greg Yankelovich articulating the often missing ingredients in innovation. Extracts from Greg’s post include… The phrase “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door” is often used as a… Read More

Innovation: Lessons From History

I finally finished reading Walter Isaacson’s, The Innovators, this weekend and it was a thoroughly enjoyable read. In the last Chapter, Ada Forever, Isaacson describes the lessons history has taught us when it comes to innovation. “First and… Read More

Innovation’s Secret Sauce: People or Process?

Andrea Ovans recently wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review regarding innovation titled “Is Innovation More About People Or Process?” and resolves that: In the end, the answer to the people or process question is probably “both”:… Read More

What is Innovation?

I am currently reading The Innovators by Walter Isaacson (also Author of Steve Jobs Biography). In his book Isaacson states: “Most of us have been involved in group brainstorming sessions that produced creative ideas. Even a few days later, there… Read More

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